A simple and straightforward solution to secure a permanent life insurance policy

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A simple and straightforward solution to secure a permanent life insurance policy

Guarantees in life are few and far between but establishing financial security through life insurance can bring you closer to the peace of mind you deserve.

The seemingly daunting task of finding the right life insurance plan puts many at risk of being underinsured. You may think a life insurance policy is contingent on good health, wealth or specific life circumstances. You may think that applying for life insurance isn’t worth the hassle with lengthy and complex applications probing into private health matters that could end up with you being declined coverage.

That’s where a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan comes in.

A guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is an attractive permanent life insurance option with flexible coverage amounts of up to $50,000 with a quick and easy application — no medical tests, needles or doctor’s reports needed. Just as the name of the policy suggests, coverage is guaranteed.

This attractive life insurance option differs from other permanent life insurance plans (see whole life insurance and universal life insurance blogs) because if you have serious health conditions you could be harder pressed to find suitable life insurance coverage. A guaranteed life insurance plan promises stable, unchanged premiums over the life of the policy without coverage amount ever decreasing — all without prequalification or Medical questions, therefor particularly desirable for those with serious health issues who are often ineligible for other life insurance plans.

If you are looking for the best guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan, consider CHES Life. Our advisers are experts in finding the right life insurance coverage to meet the needs of even the most difficult applications. If you think you are not eligible for life insurance, think again.
Contact us to inquire about accessing CHES Life wide array of products, tailored to meet everyone’s specific insurance and financial needs.

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