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The legalization of cannabis paved the way for a new industry in Canada and cannabis farmers are cropping up across the country, from major growers to smaller micro-cultivators.

The cannabis industry has been pegged by analysts to surpass the hard liquor market by year-end and be worth up to $8.7 billion by 2021.

As in any industry, prudent business owners seek out the best insurance coverage possible, as it is an integral and often mandatory part of running a business.

Cannabis farmers work hard to cultivate the plant and grow their business to meet the needs of Canadian cannabis consumers, who are now also permitted to buy the substance in edible form, thus further expanding the market. Life insurance for cannabis growers is an invaluable way to preserve the lifestyle cultivators have worked so hard to achieve.

With our tailored products, CHES Life has the best life insurance for cannabis farmers with features suitable for each cannabis farmer’s unique needs. And with proactive life and living benefits insurance coverage for cannabis industry workers, cultivators will secure a way to pay bills if injured, become ill and be covered for accidental death and dismemberment.

CHES Life disability insurance coverage for cannabis farmers includes 24-hour protection, guaranteed injury coverage with only two qualifying questions, and higher benefits. Even with our affordable rates, premiums do not increase due to usage. Our accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage for cannabis farmers is active during and after work hours and anywhere in the world. It can be added to any other insurance product, single or family coverage is available and can be paid out as a tax-free lump sum benefit in the event of death.

Our business overhead expense coverage covers contractual operating expenses of the business, including lease payments on equipment rental, staff, insurance payments, accounting fees and even debt interest.

Life insurance for cannabis industry workers provides farmers in this fledgling industry with the peace of mind they deserve. And with that peace of mind, they can better focus on continued growth in this exciting new field.

CHES Life offers a bespoke service approach to assisting clients make important decisions when it comes to protecting their family’s assets and income. Our team of dedicated advisers have extensive experience in sourcing the best coverage that suits every unique circumstance. Our products are designed to provide a specific and tailored protection policy that gives you peace of mind at the right price.

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