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What you need to know

Establishing a Group Benefits plan for your business provides health coverage for your employees. Because the risks are spread among a group, it can offer more attractive prices than individual health insurance. Offering Group Benefits can also help attract and retain talent and engage your employees in today’s highly competitive job market. Group Benefits from CHES Life are ideal for small business owners as our benefits can be purchased for as few as two employees. While you focus on growing your business, a Group Benefits plan can play pivotal role in ensuring your employees’ health needs are covered. It can also increase employee engagement and loyalty by protecting their well-being and showing they are supported even after office hours.

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Stay Protected

Group Benefits are vital for all businesses. Organizations that implement wellness programs experience improved employee morale and productivity. Typical plans include health, dental, wellness benefits and life & disability insurance.

Being uninsured is costly

No organization is too small for Group Benefits. Whether you have two employees or more, we have affordable packages that meet your goals.

Small and Medium Enterprises Group Employee Benefits

Group Benefits are vital for all businesses. Regardless businesses’ size, a healthy, productive workforce and the ability...

Large Group Employee Benefits

Have you ever wondered how your competitors attract and retain quality employees? Do you feel improving employee morale and providing a sense of security is important?

Medium Group Employee Benefits

In a competitive job market, set yourself apart by offering a comprehensive Group Benefits plan. While Canadians enjoy universal health care, many common health care expenses are...

Hazardous Group Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit plans contribute to job satisfaction and according to research there is a positive correlation between how plan members perceive their benefits and job.

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