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Small and Medium Enterprises Group Employee Benefits

Things you need to know

Group Benefits are vital for all businesses. Regardless businesses’ size, a healthy, productive workforce and the ability to compete for talent are integral to success.

In fact, you can use Group Benefits as a tool to help grow your business and achieve your goals. You’ll find affordable Group Benefits packages that meet those goals, whether your business has two employees or 50 — or more.

Business too small to offer Group Benefits? Think again!


  • Comprehensive and flexible group benefits plans, including pharmacy, health and dental care.
  • Short and long term disability insurance for employee income replacement should they become disabled due to injury or illness.
  • Group critical illness benefits provide a non-taxable lump-sum payment following diagnosis of a covered illness.

Comprehensive and Flexible benefits

For as few as two employees

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Health and dental benefits are tax-free for employees in all provinces except Quebec.
Tools to help employees navigate the health care system.
Includes resources on how to detect and manage common mental health issues.
Online tools to encourage employees’ healthy lifestyle.
Can be more affordable than private individual benefit plans.
Maintaining productivity by having a happy, focused, stress-free employees.
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You will not be turned down for coverage regardless of health condition. It is a simple, permanent insurance solution designed to meet the insurance needs of the most challenging applications.

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It provides the coverage you want, whether you have very serious medical conditions or are in good health.

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The coverage amount will never decrease over the life of the policy.

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Premiums are guaranteed not to change over the life of the policy.

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Policies accumulate guaranteed cash value beginning in the policy’s fifth year. You can use the cash value to pay premiums as long as cash values are sufficient. If the policy is cancelled, any remaining cash value will be paid to the policy owner.

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Because you deserve peace of mind


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