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Most people are aware of the benefits of tax-effective investing through vehicles such as Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Tax-Free Savings Account. The important role life insurance can play in protecting loved ones and providing an estate after death is also well known. Fewer are aware that you can combine your tax-savvy investing and life insurance needs. It’s called Universal Life Insurance.

Universal Life insurance provides the flexibility to help you live your life to the fullest


  • Universal Life provides the peace of mind of insurance while allowing you to invest your assets tax-effectively.
  • Every premium you pay is deposited into an interest account within your policy, where your money grows tax-free for as long as it remains in your policy.
  • If you are financially secure and want to focus on wealth accumulation, already make your maximum annual RRSP contribution, and are nearing retirement and want to focus on estate preservation, you should consider a Universal Life Insurance plan.

Preserve your estate assets with tax-free benefits

Tailor premiums and coverage to your changing needs

Pay off debts and create stream of dependable, long-term income.

The policy’s tax-free benefit can be used to pay any taxes associated with your estate, thereby preserving your assets and passing your wealth to the next generation.

Access the accumulation value during your lifetime to provide additional retirement income.

Under special provisions, your coverage can provide income should you become seriously ill.

Name a charitable organization as beneficiary to receive some or all of the death benefits.

The additional premiums are invested, giving you returns.

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You will not be turned down for coverage regardless of health condition. It is a simple, permanent insurance solution designed to meet the insurance needs of the most challenging applications.

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It provides the coverage you want, whether you have very serious medical conditions or are in good health.

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The coverage amount will never decrease over the life of the policy.

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Premiums are guaranteed not to change over the life of the policy.

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Policies accumulate guaranteed cash value beginning in the policy’s fifth year. You can use the cash value to pay premiums as long as cash values are sufficient. If the policy is cancelled, any remaining cash value will be paid to the policy owner.

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Because you deserve peace of mind


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