Safeguard What Matters to You Most: Exploring Different Types of Life Insurance policy to Fit Your Needs

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Safeguard What Matters to You Most: Exploring Different Types of Life Insurance policy to Fit Your Needs

Life Insurance policy

There are many uncertainties in life but the health of your finances shouldn’t be one of them. Having a life insurance policy is a fundamental purchase designed to give you peace of mind in this uncertain world, ensure that you are not putting your financial well-being at risk and protect what matters most after you are gone.

As a life insurance provider in Canada, CHES Life can help you choose from a wide array of products to find the best life insurance solutions for you.

Quick and easy permanent life insurance solutions policies such as a Guaranteed Acceptance, are convenient plans with up to $50,000 in coverage, often purchased by those who are not eligible for other life insurance plans. Term life insurance plans have more affordable rates compared to other life insurance options.

But getting a lump sum payout for loved ones is not the only advantage of having a life insurance policy. Many people choose life insurance policies for alternative tax effective investing and ensuring their businesses are protected.

With universal life insurance plans and whole life insurance plans, for example, policyholders can combine their tax-savvy investing and life insurance needs. These are a fantastic option for the financially secure wanting to focus on wealth accumulation, are already making maximum RRSP contributions, are nearing retirement and want to focus on estate preservation.

A business insurance plan, also known as key person insurance, is a type of term insurance plan that will ensure that your life’s work is protected in the event that the key person or partner of your business passes away. Having this type of life insurance policy safeguards business continuity while necessary arrangements are made. And your family members can benefit as they would receive payments for the key person’s part of the business.

Buying a life insurance policy is not a one-size-fits-all purchase and the product range is wide enough that whatever your life situation, the right policy for you is out there — no matter who or what you want to protect the most.

CHES Life offers an integrated approach to Life, Health, Critical Illness and Travel Insurance, and Employee Benefits solutions. Our customers have unparalleled access to a wide range of insurers with a keen understanding of the complexities of each customer’s life. Our dedicated team of advisers have the proper resources to provide you the best solution at the terms you need.
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