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What you need to know

Even best laid plans can go awry. No matter the purpose of your travels, there can be setbacks that even the highest level of preparation cannot foresee. The good news is that buying Travel Insurance relieves that worry of the unknown. Whether you are a snowbird, a cross-border shopper or going on that highly anticipated family vacation, you can travel worry-free with emergency medical, and trip and baggage coverage from CHES Life. Our insurance solutions safeguard your family and finances in the event of medical emergencies and other misfortunes that can occur while travelling. A CHES Life' insurance policy will protect you from those unknowns and give you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most during your travels.

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Stay Protected

Whether you are traveling to discover the world or Canada, solo or with your family and/or friends, make sure you are protected from the unexpected. We have a variety of Travel Insurance plans that will protect you from costly medical emergencies or trip cancellations.

Being uninsured is costly

The cost of an emergency while traveling when you are away from home shouldn’t be a concern. Be prepared and get your Travel Insurance today. From single-day trips to multiple per year, we have plans for your specific needs.

Out of Country

Travel insurance is the best way to safeguard your finances should something unexpected happen while you travel. Whether you’re a snowbird, a family on vacation, a backpacker or a cross-border shopper...

Family Trip

Planning a family trip to the beach, the mountains or simply exploring the world is exciting. What is not so exciting is being confronted with travel misfortunes like medical emergencies.

Student Visa

Don’t let health care become a financial burden and added stressor to your already busy student life.

Gap Year

If you’re like most students planning a gap year adventure, you’ll be doing a lot more than backpacking from one destination to the next. Whether you’ll be volunteering, doing conservation work...

Super Visa

Newcomers and long-term visitors flock to Canada annually but are not covered under provincial health care plans.

Canadian Seniors and Snowbirds

Whether you’re planning an extended trip to escape the long Canadian winter or a simple getaway, make sure that you are covered for any emergency medical situations that could happen while you’re away.

Because you deserve peace of mind


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